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Over 60,000 buyers ready for your deals!

Helping Wholesalers Move Their Deals FAST!

Dispo My Deal is an initiative to help growing wholesalers move their deals fast and effectively. Our years of experience in the business has given us the opportunity to build relationship with investors. Our buyers list is one of the largest in Texas, if not the U.S. Our buyers are ready and NEEDING your deals!

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Who do you work with?

Do you work with New or Experienced Wholesalers?

Dispo My Deal Is Texas’s Largest Disposition Outlet

Dispo My Deal works with Wholesalers at any level. 

For New Wholesalers, getting started can be the hardest part. We can work with you 1 on 1. From how to prospect, negotiating the deal, the getting the contract. Our Dispo Agents can help you move your deal in almost no time.

For the Established Wholesaler our large 40,000+ buyers are willing and ready to buy your deal. We give your property our signature Red Carpet Treatment. We handle buyers and open houses. We work with all issues with title for worry-free closing. It’s a true set-it and forget-it program.

Here Are A Few Other FAQs We Get A Lot:

Are there any fees involved?

No, we do not charge any fees or commissions to make an offer or to buy your home. We take care of all closing costs and or lawyer fees associated with the sale.

How long does it take to setup a meeting and get an offer?

As soon as you contact us, we’ll make every effort to meet you the same day or at the most convenient time for you. Just fill out our quick contact form or call us to set up a meeting. When we do meet, you’ll get a cash offer on the spot, no matter what.

Will you really buy my house for cash?

Absolutely! We will make you a cash offer on the spot during our initial walk through of your property. If you accept our offer, we'll sign an agreement and set a closing date. You'll receive your cash payment in full at closing.

How long does it take to sell my house?

While every deal is different, many of our deals close within 14 days, and almost all close within 30 days.

Do you only buy houses?

We buy condos, townhouses, duplexes, multi-tenant buildings, and even some commercial properties as well.

What if my house needs alot of repairs?

As property investors, we love purchasing homes and renovating them. Regardless of the condition of your home, we will buy your house as is and in any condition.

What if I owe money on the house?

We can still buy your house even if you still have loans or liens on your house. If you owe more than what our cash offer is, that is still ok. We have been able to buy several homes with high mortgages by taking advantage of our incredible special financing offers. There is no situation we do not want to help with. If you want to sell your house even with loans or liens, then give us a call at

Who do you typically buy houses from?

People from all walks of life sell to us, but they all share one thing in common: They want to sell a house quickly, to a trusted home buyer who can make a cash offer and close on their schedule.

Am I under any obligation if I get an all cash offer?

No. Visiting your home and making a cash offer entails absolutely no obligation on your part. We’re more than happy to visit your house, answer your questions, and make an offer. There’s no obligation. You’re free to either accept or decline the offer.

What if my house doesn't need repairs?

We’d still like to hear from you. Our buyers are interested in any houses that might be good investments, regardless of condition. Whether your house needs a lot of work or just a little, call us.

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